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  • decorative pottery product, decorative pottery products, pottery kitchen product, pottery kitchen products
    Telephone: 05449607010 Address: istoç
  • iznik tiles, chinaware, chinawares, glazed tiles, ceramics, ceramic tiles, classical iznik bowls, pottery, bowl, ceramic bowl, mugs, ceramic mugs, mosque tiles, ceramic candles, turkish delight containers, ceramic plates, iznik chinawares
    The Turkish tile art which inherited from the Seljuk empire to Ottoman empire, which lived the most brilliant period in terms of both technology and aesthetics in across the XV
    Telephone: +90 0224 757 51 08  Address: Maltepe Caddesi Yeni Mahallesi No:34-A İznik, Bursa, Turkey
  • cassarole, yogurt cassarole, naturel flower pot, decoration products, clay pot, hand made clay pot, hand made cassarole, clay pot cookware, terracotta clay pots, hand painted clay pots, clay pot painting designs, garden pottery, decorative clay vases, clay vase designs, clay ice cream case
    Kupçu Company oparetes in Menemen in 3000 m² enclosed since 1991. We have a lots of models of terracotta and glazed potteries, vases, decoration items and new part of food
    Telephone: +90 232 832 86 34 Address: Kazımpaşa Mahallesi Orman Mevki No:9 Menemen/İzmir, Turkey
  • glazed tile, glazed tiles, chinawares, chinaware, chinaware for hotels, hotel chinawares, interior chinawares, exterior chinawares, mosque chinawares, chinawares for mosque, architectural chinawares, glazed tile boards, tile, tiles, ceramic tile, ceramic tiles, porcelain tile, porcelain tiles, architectural tiles, floor tiles, ceramic floor tiles, porcelain floor tiles, flooring tiles, hexagon tiles, ceramic kerbs, border tiles, ceramic border tiles, porcelain border tiles, potteries, iznik potteries, tiled hammams, tiled saunas, tiled pools, tiled hotels, tiled mihrabs, tiled ottoman fountains, tiled water fountains, tiled fountains, tiled minbars, tiled mimbars, tiled lecterns, tiled muezzin rooms, tiled companion products, pottery kaaba products, pottery ka'bah products, basmala potteries, versicle potteries, verse potteries, promotion potteries, pottery promotions, pottery gifts, pottery giftwares, ceramic plates, ceramic vases, ceramic mugs, tiled tables, tiled flowerpots, ceramic lavatories, ceramic bath basins, relief ceramic tiles, iznik tiles, ceramics, hand painted, ceramic, turquıa, islamicartwork, homedecor, decoration, 0ttoman, ottomanart, special tiles, desing, baht, bahha, tiles ceramic, tile panel, flootile, 3d ceramics, interiordesing, architecture, iznik tile, islamictile, islamic tiles, turkishceramics, turkishceramic, turkishtile, turkishbaht, bacto4har, xamam, kashan, nişobur, merv, mywork, iznikquartz tile, iznikeaa, ottoman, ceramic jewelry, iznik ceramic jewelry, mosque panel, tile plate, tilevase, ceramic gift, mosque tiles, iznikpottery, turkishhart, ottomanceramics, originalceramics, qurtz, restoration, stonetiles, quartzpopottery, detilesnosaıcs panel, ihavethisthingwithtiles, ihavethisthingwithfloors, bathroomdesing, bathromm, renovation, interiors, archilovers, cremaottoman, islamicillimunation, working, instagood, instaartwort, keramisch, handpain, ceramicdinnerset, ceramicart, ceramicaturk, ceramica, ceramico, keramicke, dekoraçao, decore, ceramicplate, turkey, tile patterned sinks, iznik tile jewelry, sinks, ceramic dinner set, gift porcelain, detilesceramic
    As Güven Çini Family; Since 1940, our mission is to continue the Ottoman Art and Magnificence in Architecture, to combine the embroidery with tiles and ceramics to be transferred
    Telephone: +90 274 227 04 20 - +90 532 682 69 66 Address: 1 Nolu Çiniciler Çarşısı No:112, Kütahya, Turkey
  • old garden pots, stone benches, old pottery, old olive oil jars, garden antiques, stone benches, stone bench, stone fountain, hand carved stone
    Telephone: +90-252-6166041 Address: Ptt Karsisi, No:19 Beysehir, Turkey
  • Telephone: 5347177654 Address: Avanos / Nevşehir / Turkey
  • pottery kitchenware, yogurt pot, clay baking casseroles, fish baking clay pan, clay baking bowl, meat baking clay pan, garden pottery, garden pots, clay pot, clay pots, earthenware, bakeware, cookware, tableware, terracotta, pottery, soil pot, soil bowl, kitchenware, giftware, garden, flower, bowls, wares, dishes, pan, pot, cook pot, pottery kitchen products, decorative, trays, cooking pot, oven trays, ceramic pot, tray, non stick, non stick cookware, non stick pot, dinner set, creme brulee, cre
    The core business of MYPOT is to produce earthenware products. These products are mainly as follows; Kitchenwares & Tablewares & Cookwares; Flower Pots & Decorative; Food
    Telephone: +90 538 543 2289 Address: Esenkent Mh. Natoyolu Cd. No:244, Ümraniye
  • additional parts, auto spring, automotive, composite aluminum, construction industry job spare parts, cover, cow, design, ductile cast iron, ferfor, gazebos drinkers, grid, horse, manhole, ornaments, pink, pottery, ptt, shelters, steel ductile iron, smelter, water bowls, valve, wrought iron pig iron
    Valve, Wrought Iron Pig Iron, Steel Ductile iron, composite aluminum, sarıotomatik animal suluguni, the suluguni the water bowls, cow, horse, shelters, gazebos drinkers, sulukc,
    Telephone: 2482084 Address: Horozluhan Mahallesi Ensan Sanayi Sitesi Tekelioglu Sokak No:115, Turkey
  • building materials, decoration materials, decoration products, marble, natural stone, wood products, antiques pots, flower pots, antiques flooring, wooden flooring, oak tables, tables, wooden tables, garden furniture, antiques tables, wooden decoration, wimber woods, wooden mortar, pottery, antiques doors, doors, wooden doors, wooden door, antiques pottery, pottery, antiques jar
    YILDIZ Antiques, in activity since 1978, grandfather, son of Kazim Yildiz, founded and currently holds M.Fevzi Yıldız and son trade life for 3 generations is one of the oldest
    Telephone: +90 216 425 98 69 / +90 530 204 81 85 Address: Hidiv Kasrı Cad. No:46 Beykoz / İstanbul, Turkey
  • vases, plant pots, bowls
    vases, plant pots,
    Telephone: +90 384 511 6071  Address: Alaattin Mah., Uluada Mevkii 50500 Avanos , Turkey
  • handmade pitcher, handmade pitcher with two handle, handmade earthware jar, pitcher, handmade pot, decorative products, kitchen products, machine made products, master products
    Telephone: (90)(384) 511 60 71 Address: ALEATTİN MAH.ULUADA MEVKİİ
  • turkish delight, coffee, olive oil, soap, hamam, gourmet, office, amulet, glass, tile, special desings, copper ornaments, pottery, ceramics, carpets, kilims, evil eye
    Turkish Delight, Coffee, Olive Oil, Soap, Turkish Hamam, Gourmet, Office, Amulet, Glass, Tile, Special Desings, Copper Ornaments, Turkish Pottery, Ceramics, Turkish Carpets and
    Telephone: +90 533 542 20 30 Address: Ataturk Cd. Baglarbasi Mh. No: 136, Kat: 2, D:3. 34844 Maltepe - Istanbul - TURKEY
  • ceramic classical dishes, ceramic jewellery, ceramic jugs, ceramic plates, ceramic vases, fine replicas of traditional pottery, gifts, hand painted products, handmade products, traditional ceramics
    traditional turkish ceramics, ceramic jewellery, fine replicas of traditional turkish pottery, ceramic classical dishes, gifts, ceramic plates, handmade products, ceramic vases,
    Telephone: (+90 312) 3101062  Address: Çengelhan, Rahmi M.Koç Müzesi 1/E Ulus 06230 Ankara , Turkey
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