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    Our 25 years of pharmaceutical experience, Tepe Pharmaceutical Warehouse has started operations in the pharmaceutical distribution sector. Turkey has a license to carry on
    Telephone: +90 532 316 33 98 Address: Huzurevleri Mah., 77218 Sk., No: 11, Özemek Apt. B BLok 23/24, Çukurova, Adana, Türkiye
  • underwear, pants, shirts, corsets, socks
    Telephone: +905334579244 Address: Turkey
  • health products, medical products, orthopedic products, orthopedics products, orthopedy products, ankle supports, foot health products, one size products, braces, neck collars, supports products, elbow supports, knee supports, hand wrists, arm supports, shoulder supports, arm and shoulder supports, corsets, knitting group products, finger splints, varicosis stocking, supports walking aid, arm sling, velpau bandage, degree arm sling, clavicula bandage, silicone insoles, heel cup
    Ersamed Medical and Orthopedia San. Tic. Ltd. Sti. started his business with 5 staff in 500 meter square area in 2005, in Istanbul. We started this journey by producing fabric
    Telephone: +90 212 674 36 84 Address: Terazidere Mah., 29 Ekim Cad., No: 28/3, Bayrampaşa, İstanbul, Turkey
  • achilles bracelet, achilles bracelets, ankle bracelets, ankle bracelet, sponge neck collar, handkerchief, elbow support, bandage, wristband, sponge neck collars, handkerchiefs, elbow supports, bandages, wristbands, head fingers, waist corset, corset, thermal tights, calf bandage, head finger, waist corsets, corsets, thermal tight, calf bandages, silicone insoles, pain band, pain bands
    Hazel is providing the best care to the society in orthopedic supports and orthosis, vascular support (medical compression stockings and anti-embolism products), wound care
    Telephone: +90 212 285 91 91 Address: Seyrantepe Mahallesi, Asap Caddesi, Akbulut Plaza, No:1, Kat:2, Kağıthane, İstanbul, Turkey
  • orthopedic products, orthopaedic products, collars, orthosises, cervical collars, splints, wrist splints, velpeau bandages, belts, shoulder supports, knee braces, pediatric products, walking aids, medical stockings, ankle stabilizers, ankle supports, heel cushions, arc supports, adjustable pads, thumb supports, criss cross bandages, corsets, lumbosacral corsets, abdominal corsets, dorsolombar corsets, orthopedic product, orthopaedic product, collar, orthosis, cervical collar
    Hegeli Ortopedik Ürünler, was set up in 2005 as a medical and orthopedic devices distributor in and around Turkey. As a result of the know-how and experience gained during this
    Telephone: +90 212 428 50 07 Address: Cihangir Mah., Şehit Piyade Er Yavuz Bahar Sk., No: 4, K: 3, D Blok, Mirabbo San. Sit., Avcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • orthopedic products, wheelchairs, wheel chairs, varsity socks, compression socks, stockings, orthopedic insoles, insoles, corsets, neck corsets, cervical corsets, wristbands, ankle wristbands, stabilizators, ankle stabilizators, femur supports, splints, braces, rollators, crutches, elbow crutches, walkers, walking sticks, walking-sticks, knee braces, orthopedic product, wheelchair, wheel chair, varsity sock, compression sock, stocking, orthopedic insole, insole, corset, neck corset, cervical cor
    Orthopedic materials and
    Telephone: +90 232 853 70 12 Address: 29 Ekim Mah., 325 Sok., No: 4, Yazıbaşı, Torbalı, İzmir, Turkey
  • medical products, medical equipments, medical materials, medical supplies, knee support, othopedical materials, orthopedical supplies, orthopedical equipments, ankle support, foot care products, shorts, socks, panties, crutches, sticks, pillow, medical pillows, upper extremities, cervical orthesis, arm sling, elbow support, elbow supports, shoulder support, shoulder supports, wrist support, wrist supports, corsets, insoles, orthopedic products, orthopedic supplies, orthopedic materials, orthoped
    The **Gelenke’** Trading Mark was Produced by Mat Med Medikal for the production of the orthopedic products in high quality. All the Products were designed in the way that
    Telephone: +90 (212) 640 74 17 Address: Hadımköy Mahallesi, Ayasofya caddesi, No:110, Kat:3, 34555, Arnavutköy, Türkiye
  • waist corsairs, leathers, long knee, lining, dog lumbar corsets, doggy knees, merinos waist corsairs, merinos leathers, wool socks, body shaping corsairs, orthopedic products
    Telephone: 2125280425 Address: MERCAN MH.ÇAKMAKÇILAR YOKUŞU NO:3, İSTANBUL
  • medical supplies, medical products, orthopedic supplies, orthopedic products, corsets, corset, wheelchair, wheelchairs, blood sugar measurement devices, blood sugar measurement device
    medical and orthopedic supplies, corset bodice and waist, wheelchairs manufacturing, health care products, blood sugar of measurement
    Telephone: +90 224 233 40 43 Address: Hüdavendigar Mh.Değirmen Sk.No : 6 / B - Bursa, Turkey
  • body, body for women, cotton fabric, cotton yarn, fantasia nightwear, leggings, lingerie, morning gown, night gown, nightwear, pajamas, raw material, seamless corsets for women, textile materials, textile products, textile yarn, underwear, women nightwear, women pajamas, women underwear, women vest, yarn
    As Mizan Textile, we are a manufacturer and exporter company in textile industry in Turkey and our one of the important working areas is woman underwear & Pajamas sector.
    Telephone: +90 344 231 52 45 Address: Menderes Mah. 33.Sk No:71 Merkez Kahramanmaraş / Turkey
  • medical, adjuvant, medical equipment, medical product, ankle adjuvant, elbow adjuvant, finger adjuvant, knee adjuvant, cervical arthrosis, corset, corsets, , ankle support, cervical orthoses, corsets, elbow support, finger splints, knee support, medical equipments, medical products, medical supplies, orthopedic equipment, orthopedic equipments, orthopedic materials, orthopedic material, orthopedic products, varicose socks, sock, socks, varicose sock, arm support, arm supports, shoulder support
    We are Morsa-Cyberg Orthopedic Products, a manufacturer company of such orthopedic products like knee supports, elbow, hand and wrist supports, corsets, insoles, post op
  • medical products, medical equipments, anatomical pillows, orthoses, collars, walking stick, knee brace, knee braces, walking equipments, first aid products, splints, corsets, corset, neoprene products, arm brace, orthopedic supplies, orthopedic products, rehabilitation products, orthopedic materials, medical materials, medical disposables, ankle protector, wrist protector
    ORSA ORTOPEDİ SANAYİ, a subsidiary of Çapa Group, has been producing medical corsets, orthopedic equipment, walking supports for paralytics, rehabilitation materials, prostheses
    Telephone: +90 222 236 90 90 Address: Kobi Organize Sanayi Bölgesi 102. Cad. No:1 Eskişehir-Turkey
  • compression, corsets, cussions, neopren, orthopedic products, orthopedic supports, collars, orthosis, pillows, rehabilitation products, stockings, woven
    TSD Saglik Urunleri, founded in 2002, has been an expert in manufacturing orthopedic ready-to-use products, orthesis, prosthesis and rehabilitation products. then established
    Telephone: 90 216 399 3055 Address: Zumrut Evler, Refah Sok No 5 Maltepe Istanbul - Turkey
  • corsets, orthopedic products, silicone products, varicose stockings
    Telephone: +90 212 238 52 73 Address: Iplikci Kavsagi Iplikci Fırın Cad. No:17Kasimpasa - Beyoglu, Turkey
  • medical products, rehabilitation products, prosthesis, orthopedic products, orthesis, neurostimulation devices, walkaide, personal scoliosis corsets, arm and leg prosthesis, wheelchairs, rehabilitation product, bandages, corsets, knee pads, cervical collars, splints, orthopedic footwear, insole, medical slippers, medical shoes, foot health products, walking sticks, health care products
    FORMED HEALTHCARE is a specialist medical center which provides services for orthotic and prosthetic products, rehabilitation products, foot care and scoliosis treatment. Having
    Telephone: +90 212 241 36 70 Address: Halaskargazi Mahallesi Zafer Sokak. No 28/A 34371 Nişantaşı İstanbul - Turkey
  • medical products, medical supplies, prostheses, orthoses, lumbo sacral corsets, corsetry, abdominal corsets, lumbo sacral neoprene corsets, trusses, bodices, elastic wool corsets, posturex corsets, dorso lumbar corsets, splints, wrist splints, thumb fixing bands, hand bracelets, aluminum finger splints, static finger splints, frog finger splints, two finger splints, four finger splints, baseball finger splints, velpo bandages, clavicle bandages, arm abduction orthosis, shoulder fixing bandage
    Ourcompany, which has been active in the pharmaceutical sector in Turkey since 1985, supplies pharmaceutical products to national Hospital sand the pharmacies with title“Gürcan
    Telephone: +90 332 235 77 50 Address: Feritpaşa Mah., Kerkük Cad., Plastikçiler Sit., Güneyyurt Sk., No: 10, Selçuklu, Konya, Turkey
  • neck collars, shoulder support, elbow supports, arms support, fingers support, wrist support, corsets, knee braces
    Telephone: 2125505160 Address: EVREN CD.BARIŞ SK.NO:1/41, İSTANBUL
  • cohesive crepe conforming bandage, cotton gauze bandage, gauze rolls, gauze swabs, knitted compression bandage, light compression bandage, light conforming bandage, blood pressure devices, thermometer, sugar measurement, orthopedic products, masks, wound pads, bandages, sterile injectors, corset, corsets, mask, wound pad, bandage, injector, thermometers
    Established in 1984 to engage in activities in medical consumables production, Kuteks A.S. was integrated into Ugur Group of Companies in 2002 and became a successful
    Telephone: +90 256 331 73 10 Address: Bozdoğan Yolu Üzeri, Nazilli, Aydın, TURKEY
  • corsets, kneebond, wristband, sling-splint, elastice produce
    Telephone: 902122357777 Address: YAY MEYDANI CD.NO:23ist turkey
  • corsets, crutches, hand, orthopedic footwear, wheel, wheels, orthopedic slippers, shoe insoles, sitting wheel, wrist brace
    SARA MEDICAL & IT SERVICES ABOUT Sara Medikal entered the health sector with only manufacturing iron orthopedic products in August 1,2012. The main goal of the company is to
    Telephone: 05325247054 Address: Seyrantepe Mahallesi Çelikay Caddesi No:16-18 Kağıthane / İstanbul / Turkey
  • bras, brassiere, corset, corsets, lingeries, lingerie, lingerie without stitches, panties, textile products, underclothes, underwears, woman underclothes, woman underwears
    TEN Çamasir San. A.S., operating in the field of male & female underwear, swimwear, textile, fabric and its accessories since 1956, reaches to consumers with quality products that
    Telephone: +90 212 552 95 75  Address: Yenibosna 29.Ekım Cad.No.14 Bahcelievler Istanbul, Turkey
  • neck collars, upper extremity, medical corsets, lower extremity, standard size products, vizor kids, foot health products, breast forms and bra, rehabilitation products, pillows and seat cushions, varicosis stockings, aluminum products
    Telephone: 902125581091 Address: Ş.İSMET ÇAVUŞ SK.NO:26/Bist turkey
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