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  • printing, printings, printing products, printing product, prepress, press, prin, edition, graphic design, graphic, design, binding, bookbinding, spiral binding, lamination
    Founded in 1975, Cenkler Matbaa is one of the pioneers of the sector. For 41 years, we have been working with a focus on customer satisfaction in every area we serve and reach you
    Telephone: +90 212 283 02 77 Address: İbrahim Karaoğlanoğlu Cad., Civan Sok., No: 7, Seyrantepe, İsytanbul, Turkey
  • advertising, agency, binder, binders, binding, blueprints, bookbinding, books, brochures, calendar, cardboard, catalogs, cellophane, center, cloth binding, color, color copier, copier, copy center, cover, digital, document, duplication, home, leather, operations, out, output, plastering, post, print, printing, skin, spiral, stationery, work
    Efe, skin, binding, binders, skin, work, bookbinding, skin, home, print, post, skin, operations, cloth binding, cardboard, skin, spiral, skin, plastering, skin, copy center,
    Telephone: 0216 471 94 67 Address: Kayışdağı Mahallesi Baykal Sokak No:7 Yeditepe-Kayışdağı-Kadıköy / İstanbul, Turkey
  • book binding cloth, wallpaper, wallpapers, pvc wallpapers, pvc-coated papers, pvc-coated paper boards, untearable pvc coated passport covers, leather-like binding, address book leatherette, diary familiar leatherette, folders leatherette, box leatherette, plascilt leatherette, pvc coated leatherette, book binding cloths, acetate coated book binding cloths, book binding, plastic coated paper, photo albums leatherette, diary leatherette, calendar leatherette, leather imitation diary, binding, binding materials, bookbinding materials, box packaging materials, wallpaper materials, arch file materials, lever arch file materials, synthetic coated papers, wallpapers, wall papers, wallpaper substrates, wall paper substrates, digital printing, offset printing, book binding cloths, pvc wallpaper, pvc-coated paper, pvc-coated paper board, untearable pvc coated passport cover, leather-like bindings, address book leatherettes, diary familiar leatherettes, folders leatherettes, box leatherettes, plascilt leatherettes, pvc coated leatherettes, book binding cloth, acetate coated book binding cloth, book bindings, plastic coated papers, photo albums leatherettes, diary leatherettes, calendar leatherettes, leather imitation diaries, bindings, binding material, bookbinding material, box packaging material, wallpaper material, arch file material, lever arch file material, synthetic coated paper, wallpaper substrate, wall paper substrate, digital printings, offset printings
    Years have passed since the establishment of our company by our founder Mr. Fikret Güney in 1957. Mr. Fikret Guney took his first movement in his career in printing industry.
    Telephone: +90 212 452 97 02 Address: Güneşli Matbaacılar Sit. Güneşli Kavşağı Çınar Cad. No:4 Site No:22 Güneşli - İstanbul, Turkey
  • tome, printing, paper, laser applications, binding, bookbinding, monochrome printing, multicolor printing, metallized printing, uv printing, facsimile, 7 colors printing, boutique paper, creative tome, laser cutting, kitya effect, special box, box print, book printing, notebook printing, packing, invitation printing, chocolate box printing, magazine printing, koran printing, photo album printing
    Mega, founded in 1991, is not only a printing facility, but an "integrated" structure that can perform all creative processes, including laser applications, related to paper
    Telephone: +90 212 412 17 00 Address: Cihangir Mahallesi, Güvercin Caddesi, No:3/1, Maramidere Baha İş Merkezi, Avcılar, İstanbul, Turkey
  • binding, bookbinding, bookbinding, hardcover bookbinding, hardbound
    Telephone: (212) 5010272 Address: MALTEPE M. LITROS YOLU FATIHSAN. SIT. NO:12/80, ZEYTİNBURNU, İSTANBUL
  • binder, binding, bookbinding, binding machine, lamination systems, guillotine system
    Telephone: 7825600 Address: İBRAHİM TURAN CADDESİ NO:170 MENDERES / İZMİR
  • paper products, press, binding, bookbinding
    Telephone: 90 212 7714636 Address: HADIMKÖY MAH. 75.YIL CAD. NO.21, ARNAVUTKÖY, İSTANBUL
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