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  • iv cannula, monitor, oxygen mask, nebulizer mask, surgical suture, medical supplement, orthopedic supplement, casting tape, splint, nelaton catheter, foley catheter, urine bag, medical devices, iv set, blood bag, ultrasound devices, wheelchairs, spinal needle, plaster, gauze, cotton, syringe, endotracheal tube, autoclave, ultrasound jell, povidone, feeding tube, medical, medical gown, three way- laryngeal mask, air way, central venus catheter, umbilical cord clamp, nebulizer device, latex glove
    ALYAMAN TIBBi CiHAZ ITH IHR DAH LTD STI . is leading company which has been working in medical field for more than 6 years and has excellent experience in exportation.Company
    Telephone: +90 531 321 21 95 Address: Hırkai Şerif Mah., Keçeciler Cad., B-12/1, Fatih, İstanbul, Turkey
  • air beds, back corset, bağcılar medical, blood pressure, botanica medical, cordless disabled car, esenler medical, gungoren medical, healthy life, heart rate monitors, inpatient products, kneepads, massage equipment, medical and laboratory equipment, medical lamps, medical products, mobile devices, orthopedic products, oxygen tubes and pressure gauges, pedometers, respiratory asthma allergy, scales, slimming products, stethoscopes, stockings, walking sticks, wheel, wound care products
    Esenler Medical, Bağcılar Medical, Gungoren Medical, Botanica Medical, Cordless Disabled Car, Massage Equipment, Medical Lamps, Medical Products, Mobile Devices, Heart Rate
    Telephone: 2125682009 Address: Menderes Mah. Necipfazıl Cad. No:4, Turkey
  • patisserie, bakery products, cookies, dry baklava, pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, powdered sugar, olive oil, sunflower oil, dried apricots, apricot delight, apricot cosmetics, apricot soap, cream, apricot, apricot oil, medical, infusion sets, needles, urine bags, blood pressure cuffs, wrist gauges, bandages, gauze pads, diapers, women’s clothing, skirts, women’s trousers
    KARAOZLER GIDA TEKSTIL INS. LTD. STI. was established in 1992 by Sureyya Kadir Karaoz in Malatya and succeeded to be the taste address of Malatya as pastry and baked products with
    Telephone: +90 5322444901 Address: İnönü Cad. No: 15 Ptt Karşısı Merkez - Malatya, Turkey
  • disposable, disposables, medical products, medical materials, medical items, medical consumables, blood transfusion sets, infusion sets, disposable infusion sets, urine bags, pediatric urine collectors, urine collectors, gauze bandages, bandages, spinal needles, needles, electro surgical pencils, hypodermic needles, foley catheters, catheters, syrnirges, surgical blades, lancets, surgical gloves, powdered surgical gloves, powder-free surgical gloves, flowmeters, medical waste box, ELASTIC BANDAGE, STERILIZATOR, CAP, DOCTOR
    We are on the leading trading company Aproximately 10 years we import and export medical equipments and also we are produce different kind of goods We manufature and supply
    Telephone: +90 352 222 22 12 Address: Gevher Nesibe Mah., Mecidiye Sk. Hilal Apt. Kat: 2 No: 3, Kocasinan, Kayseri, Turkey
  • injector, blood donation set, urine bag, serum sets, vinyl glove
    Telephone: (90)(322) 352 55 05 Address: KURUKÖPRÜ MAH.ÖZLER CAD.AHMET ÖZEL TURKAY İŞMRKZ. KAT.9 NO:1 SEYHAN
  • medical product, medical products, pharma product, pharma products, blood bag, blood bags, blood donation bag, blood donation bags, medical device, medical devices
    Kansuk Laboratory is fully licensed by the Turkish Department of Health to formulate manufacture import export and supply hospitals retail pharmacies and other pharmaceutical
    Telephone: 90 212 5921576 Address: Beşyol Mah Ebki Londra Asfaltı No.4 Sefaköy Küçükçekmece İstanbul, Turkey
  • blood bag, infusion set, syrings, insulin syring, blood collection tube, blood transfer set, surgical suture, surgical supplies, medical supplies
    Telephone: 00985369376403
  • hemodialysis products, disposable medical products, laboratory products, vacuum blood collection tube, blood collection needle, blood glucose meter, disposable syringe, infusion set, blood transfusion set, latex surgical gloves, urine bag, surgical drapes, blood lines, dialyzer, fistula needle
    Telephone: (90)(216) 334 06 39 Address: SELIMIYE MAH.KISLA CD.HAMAM SK NO:64 ÜSKÜDAR
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